Business Solutions

Computers are essential tools for businesses these days, but can be unnecessarily time-consuming if they aren’t used correctly / efficiently. Therefore, you simply cannot afford to not be making optimal use of your computer and the tools that come with it. Better identifying your needs will help us design the best tools for your business to grow. How, and with what tools are you currently managing your staff, your website, your accounting, billing..etc?

Web & Mobile Solutions

Hashkey Services designs and develops web and mobile apps based on Content Management Systems. All of our web apps, websites and mobile apps are engineered to function on multiple devices and platforms. Our ultimate goal is to develop products that will be efficient, productive and enjoyable to use, whether they’re designed for internal company use or for the end-user.


Hashkey’s Infosec division plays a crucial role in preventing / responding to its clients increasing need to protect their data, whether on or offline.

Although people mostly associate data breaches with cyber attacks, recent studies show that in about 80% of cases, human error and carelessness are to blame for extremely damaging data breaches that have severely harmed the company by causing everything from loss of credibility, loss of funds or having to close the business itself.