Hashkey Infosec

Hashkey’s Information Security Division now plays a crucial role in both attack prevention and responding to clients’ increasing need to protect their data, whether on or offline. Although data breaches are mostly associated with cyber attacks, studies show that in about 80% of cases, human error and carelessness are to blame for extremely damaging data breaches that have severely harmed businesses, thereby causing everything from loss of credibility, loss of funds or the definitive closing of the business.

Cybersecurity (Technical Breaches)

As the field of data security continues to grow and evolve, Hashkey Services continue to adapt. InfoSec protects your computer systems from harm that may be done via network access, malicious data and code injection, amongst other techniques.


Human Security Breaches

Eventhough it’s mostly the big cybersecurity data breaches that make the headlines, the truth is that it’s human negligence or malice that result in the biggest and most harmful data breaches. Here are a few examples of the small occurrences that have already lead thousands of businesses to disastrous data breaches:

  • Loss and / or theft of paperwork
  • Data sent to the wrong recipients
  • Use of insecure webpages
  • Loss or theft of unencrypted devices
  • Unsafe passwords and / or storing of passwords
  • Carelessness with devices that give company access, including ID badges


Hashkey’s Information Security Department, known as InfoSec, conducts Information Security Audits on behalf of its clients in order to test vulnerability to outside penetration.

InfoSec replicates the type of attempts to penetrate company systems and steal company data that hackers, ransomware scammers, data thiefs and other online criminals use on a daily basis in order to gauge our client’s security levels and take appropriate action where needed.

With the ever-growing development of hacking and penetration systems like malware, code injection or phishing (just to name a few), everyone who enjoys an internet connection is a potential target, and small-medium businesses are especially at risk.

To make sure you and your business are safe, contact usif you’re unsure about the current level of protection that your business, computer(s), website, CRM or other IT products can currently rely on, or if you think you may be at risk of a security breach.
Sadly, once the damage is done, it’s irreparable, and we’ve seen first-hand how traumatic these attacks can be once they have been inflicted upon individuals and throughout whole companies.

Security Sensitivity Training

Hashkey InfoSec Staff Security Awareness Program trains your staff to understand basic security protocols and the potential security breaches and data leaks that can cause irreparable damage to your business.
Data is quickly becoming the world’s most precious and commonly traded commodity. Now more than ever, it’s beyond critical for the staff in any business to be aware of the security threats they’re facing and how damaging certain instances of carelessness can be.