Every strategic communications campaign starts with establishing an overall strategy, which will serve as a roadmap – or a battleplan, depending on how one choses to look at it.

One of Hashkey’s missions is to help you conceptualize and develop a sound strategy in order to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

Strategy can also be compared to a recipe, telling you which ingredients and quantities you need to produce the desired outcome for your business.

For example, a company seeking to penetrate a new market would require:

Business Intelligence

Who are the actual players in the market you’re trying to penetrate? What percentage of the market do they each occupy? What are their marketing budgets? This will tell you who you’re up against, how much of their resources are devoted to marketing and give you a good idea of who’s got the most efficient strategies in terms of the ratio of marketing dollars spent to the share of the market they occupy. It will also help you identify who the weakest players are, the ones who are likely to yield market shares to your business because you have a stronger and more efficient marketing skillset than theirs.

Cross-cultural marketing

Visibility isn’t everything. You need to be able to communicate with your target audience in a way that will make them feel at ease and trust your business by talking to them in their language and according to their social and cultural norms.

Social media marketing

Now that you have a good grasp on the landscape of the market, its key players and your target audience, it’s time to start communicating with your publics in the most direct and efficient way possible: using social media. By using outlets like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll be able to communicate more directly with your publics (using their language and cultural norms), measure the conversion rate from lead to paying client, measure your impact on the market and get precious feedback along the way by using promotions or other tactics when communicating with your publics.

Search Engine Optimization

Start by being visible to potential clients within your target market by making sure your target audience sees your business on search engines before they see the competition.

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